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The importance of the flowers when planning a wedding

Wedding Ceremony Flowers

The importance of the flowers when planning a wedding

We often think that flowers are for a specific occasion when actually, flowers make the perfect occasion. With them, we communicate a lot without saying anything, and when it comes to love, they cannot be absent. A wedding has an emotional charge that not only lives on in the bride and groom but is noticeable in its decoration, in the selection of colours, flowers, and place; behind everything, it is a history to tell. Also, something traditional at a wedding is the centrepiece of flowers, and if it were not the best gift, people would not take them, right?

Wedding Ceremony Flowers
Goleto Florist – Richmond Hill – Wedding Ceremony Flowers

As we can notice, the event would not be the same without that detail that makes simplicity great with small things. We can see the grace of the environment in them, and the best of all is that they are friendly and leave us a lasting memory over time.

If you are thinking of getting married and you do not know how to start, you can count on Goleto Florist with your eyes closed. In our Richmond Hill Flower shop, we are your allies to materialize your dreams and wishes. Our professionals are passionate about their work, and you can count on them for the best decoration and flower selection advice.

At Richmond Hill Florist, we always collect the freshest flowers to spice up your event. Our satisfaction is to meet your expectations, provide you with new and original designs for the bouquet, and the decoration of the place; your big day must be unforgettable.

How to plan a wedding

Wedding Reception Flowers
Goleto Richmond Hill Florist – wedding reception-flowers

If this is the first time you are getting married, we are sure you are nervous. As we know that the beginning is the most difficult, we will help you with a guide of steps and tips that you must consider to make your wedding a day to remember.

  1. Try to organize everything a year in advance. In that way, you can avoid unforeseen events. Also, the best occasions take time to prepare. Do you have the date yet?
  2. To choose what type of ceremony you want and the place of the event, you must have the guest list to know how much space you will need and estimate a budget.
  3. Talk with your partner about your tastes and select those things that you both share. This conversation will determine if you prefer an outdoor or closed space to join the wedding. You could even tell anecdotes that have happened together to make it a more memorable experience. Do not forget to take note of everything because you will need it later.
  4. Find a trusted designer to create the wedding dress and the suit of your dreams, but if you want to save money, visit several famous wedding venues in the city to make the ideal decision. Do not forget to hire a makeup artist for the bride; she has to look pretty.
  5. Once you have many possible ideas, the theme of the wedding, and the design of your suits, you will need someone to give you decorating advice to capture what you want.
  6. For flower arrangements, feel free to contact our Richmond Hill Florist because our professionals will select the perfect flowers and colours to match the wedding theme. Do you remember the annotations we asked you to make? Show them to our florists; they will need them.
  7. The flowers are that detail that will bring magic and harmony in the environment, and above all, it is the detail that will highlight the bride’s beauty.
  8. With the flower arrangement, you will have almost all the work done. After everything, you will only have to find the suppliers of chairs, tables, and tablecloths to match the decoration. Also, you will need to make a food and wine selection for the dinner and toast time of the night.
  9. And finally, take a lot of photos and enjoy the experience.

What should you consider when choosing flowers?

Wedding Ceremony Flowers
Goleto Florist – Richmond Hill – Wedding Ceremony Flowers

As we mentioned above, behind the decoration, there is the history and the bride and groom’s essence. Nothing is chosen at random, and everything goes in harmony. To select the perfect flowers that convey the emotions you want, you must consider the following aspects:

  • The colour regarding the subject and feelings:

If it is a wedding inspired on the beach, a Hawaiian island, a tropical or spring environment, you need flowers that have warm and bright colours like white, red, or orange. Among those flowers, you could use roses, lilies, carnations, sunflowers, daisies, and Geminis.

When we talk about an atmosphere of royalty, we need to highlight elegance, passion, and luxury in the environment. The colours that should predominate are red, purple, gold, or silver. Roses with black wrappers with gold and crystals are usually the favourite design of customers. These types of themes are deeply passionate and the most request.

Another topic to celebrate the ceremony could be a Greek or ice style. Almost all the details have cool colours, such as purple, blue, and silver. If that is what they are looking for, they could choose between hydrangeas, petunias, hyacinths, verbenas, or cinerarias.

In general, the flowers complement the wedding theme to bring it to life, seal the love that the bride and groom are consuming and promote joy in the guests. With a good selection and the correct guidance of our florists, you could feel that you are celebrating in Hawaii, even if you are in Canada.

We can not imagine a wedding without the bouquet, the centrepiece, and the arrangements because a whole tradition would be lost, and the atmosphere would be very cold as if the couple’s love did not exist.

That day should be celebrated to the fullest, and now that you know what steps you should follow, save our contact to meet your expectations, and do the magic. We will be waiting for your call; it will be a pleasure to live the experience with you.

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