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Special Events Arrangements

Special Events Flower Arrangements by Goleto

Life is made of a succession of events some more important than others. As we all know, the word special can have many connotations. Some might even feel intimidated when an event is called special.

However, “special” is merely a term to mark something better, more interesting otherwise different than ordinary.

You sure didn’t need me to define or explain what a special event is. I guess is just in my nature. This is something I use to help calm the excitement of a customer feeling anxious about such an event.

Because I know flowers can evoke many emotions, I always try to recreate the feeling a customer would like to experience. Whether it is gratitude, elegance or love, I try to transpose those feelings in every bouquet and in each arrangement.

Flowers can create a subtle soothing atmosphere or a reviving and vibrating environment given by the nature of your event.

If you find yourself in the search of a florist in Richmond Hill, look no further because Goleto Florist has its door wide open for you.

A person shouldn’t call themselves a florist unless they are able to take your breath away by giving your words flower shapes. Now, don’t get me wrong, I don’t call myself perfect. But I take pride in my work and most importantly I love what I do!

You might smile if you watch me listening to a customer. I am absorbed by each word and while the customer’s talks to me, my mind starts creating. I take each word and give it the colour, associate each emotion with a smell and their message with a feeling. By the end of our conversation, the flower arrangement has already taken shape in my mind.

Expressing our emotion with flowers is the ultimate achievement.