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 Wedding Bouquets by Goleto Florist in Richmond Hill

Your wedding is around the corner and you already had to make so many choices. You are now faced with having to select the most significant centrepiece of your wedding which is your wedding flower bouquet.

The wedding bouquet is no longer just a simple tradition; over the years, it became a very important accessory if not the most important.

Goleto Florist can take your wedding bouquet to the next level. You will benefit from collaborating with our artisan florists, specialised in personalised wedding bouquets.

For most brides, their bouquet represents a statement and is essential to send a message expressing love, purity and unity.

The choice of colours is equally important when designing your wedding flower bouquet. Some brides prefer their bouquet to be matching their wedding colour theme. Others put a higher price on standing out and being different. Although, the majority would want professionals to do their best work yet and create for them a glamorous wedding bouquet.

Many future brides are getting a bit concerned and start to worry when they are being told that “it doesn’t have to be perfect to be beautiful”. Goleto Florist would like you to know that what you consider beautiful will make your wedding bouquet perfect.

Your florist in Richmond Hill will team up with you and together we will create the wedding bouquet you always wanted.

We are not looking to show you how is done we want you to have it the way you envisioned it.

Whether you like your bouquet to match your bridesmaids or you want it completely different, we will make it happen. You deserve to be adored on your most special day!

After all, everything we want is for your wedding story to end with: “and they lived happily ever after”… the beautiful ending we all dream off.