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Wedding Boutonnieres Flowers

Wedding Boutonnieres by Goleto Florist Richmond Hill

The boutonniere tradition has its origins far back into the Middle Ages, a time of knights, princesses, castles and passionate love stories.

It all begun with the well-known custom of offering a scarf or a ribbon to a lover before they went into battle or entered a tournament. This practice represented the symbol of true love and affection.

As time went by, the custom evolved and changed becoming a wedding tradition. The brides started offering their groom a flower out of their wedding bouquet as a declaration of their love.

In case you were wondering, the word boutonnière is French for “buttonhole,” so it basically refers to the actual buttonhole of a suit’s jacket. As a matter of fact, the term emerged in the 19th century, a time that corresponds with the introduction of the suits lapelled jackets.

After taking a ride down history lane, you probably still have a million questions about the wedding boutonniere.

Goleto Florist would like to take this opportunity and offer you a few important tips in choosing the boutonnieres:

  • How to choose

The boutonniere should be made using at least one type of flowers that forms your wedding bouquet.

  • Who should wear it

Since is customary to be offered to man, make sure you know if you would like to offer it only to the very close family (as fathers, grandparents, godfathers and brothers) or if you want to include extended family members (as cousins, second cousins, etc…), best man suite, close friends and others.

  • What are the things you should establish

Consult with your florist on matters such as design, size and attaching methods. Nevertheless, make sure you ask your florist about the life of the flowers included in the design of your wedding boutonniere.

The wedding boutonniere is a beautiful wedding tradition adding an elegant and sophisticated air to the ceremony.