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Refund and Delivery Policy

Delivery Time

While we will do our best to arrange for your flowers’ delivery at your chosen time, Goleto Florist at Richmond Hill cannot guarantee a precise delivery time. For distances less than 60 kilometres, we guarantee Same-Day delivery.

Late Deliveries

Suppose we are unable to deliver the flowers you purchased on your desired delivery date. In that case, you are entitled to a full refund. No refunds will be given if we cannot make the delivery due to an incorrect address, the lack of availability of your recipient, bad weather, or some other situation beyond our reach that prevents our on-time delivery. Suppose the purchaser is not available to receive the flowers. In that case, we will contact you or the recipient for additional instructions on re-delivering the order.

Incorrect Delivery Information

There will be no refunds, and delivery will be assured if you enter the incorrect recipient address. You may change the delivery address before the order leaves our shop, which may result in a change in delivery charges based on distance changes.

Undeliverable Locations

The receiver location protocol and regulations can influence our guaranteed delivery, and Goleto Florist at Richmond Hill is not responsible if those regulations prohibit us from performing our guaranteed delivery, and we are unable to offer a refund. Please keep in mind that many hospitals do not accept in-person deliveries, and most ICUs do not allow flower delivery. Before placing your order, please consult with the hospital.

Refused Deliveries

You will not be entitled to a refund if the receiver refuses delivery.

Products and images

Only the products described in the item summary are included in the product.

Vases and other objects are not used unless specified explicitly in the product summary and are only included for display.

Flower Bouquets product images are often of medium scale.

Product pictures are a representation of the arrangements and can differ (see Substitution Policy below).

Refund Requests and Claims

If you are unhappy with your order, you can request a refund by submitting a claim within two business days of the delivery date. In the event of a quality problem, our customer service representatives will recommend submitting a shipped Product’s digital image after making a claim. If the application is approved, the refund will be given within 7-10 working days and will be made to the original payment method.

Order Changes

Please contact Customer Service at info@goleto.ca if you need to change your delivery. Changes will be made up to two business days before the expected shipping date.

Payment Processing Issues

We would be unable to process your order if you supply us with incorrect or invalid credit card or payment details. We will make every effort to contact you in order to address the matter, but you will be accountable for any issues that occur as a result.

Quality Policy

Flower arrangements are one-of-a-kind and handcrafted, but no two are ever the same. Any effort is made to align orders as close to the product images and specifications as possible. Although minor changes may be required from time to time, the item’s concept and value are still guaranteed.

Products and Images

Only the items described in the product summary are included in the product. Unless otherwise mentioned on the product page, vases and other products are not included. Flower bouquet product images represent the typical bouquet size and can differ slightly (please see our Substitution Policy below). Goleto florist in Richmond Hill is not liable for diminished flower and plant production as a result of an incorrect delivery address supplied by the sender or a re-route demanded by the receiver.


Orders will always be charged in Canadian Dollars.


Cancellations with a full refund are allowed if submitted at least two business days before the expected delivery date. There will be no reimbursement if an order is cancelled less than one business day before the expected delivery.

Duplicate Orders

Put two or more similar orders and notify us. You can get a complete refund for the overlapped order, assuming that the item is not made and delivered by Goleto Florist at Richmond Hill.

Substitution Policy

We may not have some products listed in the item summary in stock in some situations, and careful substitutions of equal or greater value may be needed. In such instances, we will get your approval to make a replacement wherever possible. We will continue with the replacement if we are unable to contact you or there is insufficient time to do so.

On the other hand, Roses can NEVER be replaced for other flowers or floral items without your prior permission.

Suppose we do not have an added element. In that case, we can substitute a comparable one or apply the item’s cost to the sum of the flowers to make a larger bouquet.