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Art and Flowers

Art and Flowers by Goleto Florist in Richmond Hill

Art can take many forms, but when mingled with nature, it can open a window of infinite inspiration.

Flowers are art made by nature. But, the absolute perfection of a flower can be perceived not just by looking at it but by feeling it.

What do you feel when you first enter a flower shop? Me personally, every morning, when I open the door at Goleto Florist, I am taken on a journey of delightful and intoxicatingly luxurious smells. All of my senses are awakened by a strong connection with nature. It feels like my private piece of heaven. While I let myself engulfed by the serene atmosphere, I immediately feel inspired to create.

Have you ever wondered how does a colour feels like? Yes, that’s exactly what I asked. I am sure you know that all the colours have meanings. However, to me, the colours are also empowered by feelings. If I was to elaborate on that I could go on forever and tell you that:

  • the best way to feel a deep passion and comforting delicacy at the same time it can only be achieved by touching a red rose petal…
  • you can be tried by very pure emotions when connecting with the vibes of a sweet white lily of the valley…
  • there is nothing that can enhance one’s mood better than the exotic purple or the sunny yellow, the happy orange or the perfect white of an elegant freesia…

When someone is asking for art and flowers, they should expect to be fascinated and hypnotized by our work.

If it is a place you need it to be complemented by art and flowers, or a memorable display, a timeless piece or a token of your appreciation for someone, Goleto Florist is who you will want to choose.